Staff positions

A convention can't simply grow without people committing some of their time and skills to it - people like you. Every now and then we are looking for creative people willing to volunteer, to help us with making SFC the best possible experience for everyone! In case you find yourself addressed by one of the following positions, feel free to drop us a line. We will gladly have you aboard. We can't offer any form of payment, but we're sure that seeing all those happy attendees will be rewarding enough.


Department: Security
Head: Firefur Lion

Security Operative
If you're interested in helping SloFluffCon to be a safe place, why not join the Security Team. You'll get to see how this convention works behind the scenes, meet a lot of people and help making community events like SloFluffCon possible at all. All members of Security are Furries themselves and w... Read more

Department: Medics
Head: Firefur Lion

Medical Crew
Would you like to help SloFluffCon be healthy and safe for all of our attendees? Why not sign up for our Medical Crew Team. You will be able to see what is going on behind the scenes, meet other people who help make the convention happen in the first place. All medic crew members are furries themse... Read more

Department: Stage
Head: Max Shepherd

Stage Technician
Are you an experienced stage tech looking for a new opportunity or someone with a strong interest in being part of the stage team at our convention? Are you eager to unravel the mysteries of what happens behind the scenes? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join our team and gain expe... Read more

Department: DJ
Head: Max Shepherd

Main stage DJ
If you are a DJ and want to play at SFC 2023, you can apply here!

Event positions

Be a part of our extraordinary events! Volunteer as a panel host or join our event team. Contact us now to get involved!


Department: Events
Head: LeoFolf

Snack Exchanger
If you have some cool snacks and want to trade them at SFC 2023, you can apply here!

Department: Events
Head: HexagonHusky

Event host
If you want to host an event at SFC 2023, you can apply here!