Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all attendees and visitors of the convention.

SloFluffCon and Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo

SloFluffCon (the event) is organized by Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo, a non profit organization located in Šoštanj, Slovenia.

Except for liabilities required by Slovenian law, Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo and its staff will not be responsible for any damage done by or to attendees. In no event shall Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo be liable for damages occurring outside the convention's premises.

Registration and Payment

Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo reserves the right to refuse admission based on previous payment history, behavior, or any other cause for concern that the presence of any individual may interfere with convention operations, cause excessive discomfort to staff or other attendees, or adversely affect Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo's relationship with its attendees, its venues, or the public.

To become an attendee of the convention, a valid and fully paid registration through the online registration system of Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo is required, registrations or ticket purchases through any other means are null and void.

Each registered attendee will be sent an email with payment information as soon as the registration has been accepted. The convention fees are due within 10 days of sending of the payment information. Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo accepts credit card payments via VISA/Mastercard (Stripe) or wire transfer via SEPA/SWIFT.

Attendees must be at least 18 years old by the first day of the convention. A legal photo ID or passport must be presented at the convention's check-in.

Registrations (including sponsor packages) are not refundable, but transferable.

To transfer a registration, both parties are required to send an email to [email protected] and express their mutual desire to transfer the attendance. The transfer is not valid until it was approved by Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo's registration staff in writing.

Accommodation is not included in the convention fees.

To support the convention, voluntary sponsorship upgrades to the registration are available at any time. Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo offers two levels of sponsorship: 'sponsor' and 'super sponsor'. Sponsors get a differently colored name badge, honorable mentions in the con book, a free T-Shirt. Super sponsors will be rewarded with a complimentary souvenir and additional privileges, such as access to exclusive super sponsor-only events.

Day ticket validity is from 09:00 until 00:00, or until the last scheduled event of the day ends, whichever comes last.

The convention badge remains property of the convention until one day after the convention ends. This means it may be withdrawn in case you break the convention rules.

In case the event is canceled, all payments to SFC (ticket, hotel) will be refunded, except for processing fees and organization costs. All other expenses, such as travel costs or other expenses not with SFC, will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Rules of Conduct

The 'Rules of Conduct' as printed in the Convention Booklet and linked to during the online registration process is a legally binding part of the contract between Slovensko Kosmatinsko Društvo and the attendee and must be accepted by the attendee during the online registration process.