The convention is being held at a historic hotel located approximately three minutes from the train station. It is one of the oldest hotels in Slovenia, surrounded by many restaurants, cafes, and cocktail bars. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite or looking for a cool place to hang out with your friends, there's something for everyone in this area.

Cafe & Restaurant

Enjoy a wide variety of sweets and convention-themed drinks.

Full breakfast

Start your day perfectly with our breakfast options, catering to every taste preference.



Pamper yourself with a visit to the sauna, massage and wellness area.

Excellent location

Hotel Evropa stands in the heart of the town center, making it an excellent base for exploring historical and cultural landmarks, attending concerts, theater performances, and exhibitions.

The hotel restaurant serves a variety of a la carte lunches that are prepared daily. It also has a cafe with a variety of drinks, as well as our event-themed furry cocktails and sweet delicacies.

Hotel Evropa
Hotel Evropa | Krekov trg 4 | 3000[email protected]+386 3 426 90 00


If our main hotel is fully booked, we have Hotel A as an overflow option for you. Situated just a 15-minute drive from the main hotel, Hotel A offers additional amenities including access to a sauna and fitness facilities, complimentary breakfast, and free parking. Additionally, we'll be organizing a shuttle service, to ensure you arrive at the venue for all events on-time.